in collaboration with :
ART THERAPY ITALIANA (A.T.I.) http://www.arttherapyit.org
Association funded in 1982, to promote and develop Art Therapy and Movement Dance Therapy practices in Italy, able to plan and implement specific projects for the psycho-sanitary, psycho-social and educational sectors.

And ARTICOLO 3 – Social Cooperative http://www.cooparticolo3.it
Coop working for the Penitentiary Institutions of Milano since1999 and especially in the Reclusion Home of Milano Bollate in order to offer inmates educational and developmental programs with the aim of social reintegration.

The objective is to activate synergy between socially useful projects and the world of design, production and commerce.

A program of 14 workshops starts in September 2014 at Milano Bollate Penitentiary participated by 8 inmates and led by trainers and graduating students of A.T.I. and later by BRAGHETTEROSSE designers. The principal aim is to stimulate individual self worth through the creative process, form a group spirit and finally produce graphics on the theme of TATTOO.

A.T.I. will work with the group during a first cycle of 6 workshops. Materials used will be traditional art colors, papers and fabrics as well as other various inspirational materials that will be employed to stimulate individual creativity and support the group in free self expression. The second cycle of workshops will be guided by Donatella Cianchetti and Giovanna Villani (BR) towards achieving thematic graphic drawings to be digitally printed on different materials.

After the workshops in jail are concluded, the resulting drawings will be elaborated by BRAGHETTEROSSE into printable patterns and offered to companies as “added value” to be represented in print on different products categories such as fashion accessories (bags, shoes), home furnishing, stationary and ceramics.

The main benefit for the inmates is reinforcing one’s identity through acting on art materials and transforming them to obtain significant objects that will carry one’s own traces. Working allows to establish precious relationships with the group, acquire practical capabilities and in turn raise the sense of self worth and personal dignity also through commercialization of resulting products. The 2 cycle workshop program is a job for the inmates and BRAGHETTEROSSE stipulates a contract with each participant who is compensated monetarily for participating to all workshops.

A GALLERY SHOW The whole project will be presented to the public through a gallery show during Milano Design Week from April 10th to 13th at Spazio Ostrakon in via Pastrengo 15, Milano.

Photo and video documents will be shown together with original drawings from the workshops and products realized after the workshops by partner companies.

This project is self funded and started as pilot experience to be developed further into more issues to include other national and foreign marginalised groups.

Presently the project is searching for sustainability partner companies in Italy and abroad.