You can finally use up all the dusty celebrated oldies you have been keeping in the back of your closet or in the attic.
Ex-wonderful branded things such as coat-bags, suitcases, golf sacks, auntie handbags, old trench coats. You have not thrown them out because they still emanate the glam of the brand even though you really have no use for them any longer and they may also be worn out.
With such "noble debris" we can make you a new, fabulous, super chic MULTY BRAND handbag that WILL MAKE ALL HEADS TURN WHEREVER YOU WALK IN. Because we are working with legally protected materials we are not able to post pictures of our creations and must follow a strict procedure but you can enquire at :
info@ to receive details and images of the effects that we can achieve and chose your own from our available models.
Please understand you can't buy a ready-made bag from us.