CHIARA STRINGA with Large Baggie
Carry-all zipped bags or clutch bags in soft tie-dye nappa
in three sizes: cm 30x20- cm 22x20- cm 13x10, available in three colours.

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Inside every bag, the girls assisted within W.I.D. Project (Women in Development)in Zway have embroidered their name and numbered each label.

W.I.D. project embroiderers

Papagoochi Baggies collection is manufactured by Hafde Tannery Papagoochi workshop in precious super soft genuine sheepskin and goatskin leather (these are animals used for food), hand colored with tie-dye tecnique and with our unique DOTS design in many beautiful colors.

Mod. Goldabag Dots

Mod. Stellabag Tie-dye

Mod. Flat shopper Tie-dye

Mod. Stellabag Dots

Mod. Large Egg Dots

Mod.Transformerbag Tie-dye

Mod. Wired Clutch Dots

Leather cutting at Papagoochi

Very busy day at Papagoochi workshop

Gino having fun at Papagoochi

"Is it time for coffee break?"