BRAGHETTEROSSE Brand was created by Giovanna Villani in 2009 with the purpose of using creativity and know-how towards socially and ecologically meaningful projects especially in the field of fashion design.

BRAGHETTEROSSE designs-produces and sells primarily accessory collections with three main characteristics: ethical work,sustainable design, better quality.

BRAGHETTEROSSE also offers to provide design consultancy for development and cooperation projects to private companies, private or public organizations and associations who decide to develop their own ethical,sustainable, higher quality products.

Seminars and fun work-shops can be organized for companies in any country to promote and develop creativity as a tool for getting happier and working better.

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BRAGHETTEROSSE searches for new balances through novel ways of putting things together also in the field of design, a necessary function within a system that tends to keep things separate from each other and within established tracks causing to block access to new possible paths.

Our desire is to be able to make products with a meaning,things that will do something more or something different, which might be more helpful or even simply make people smile.

We believe that different individuals with specific creative abilities and varied experiences working together in a common project can offer a vast and uforeseeable horizon of innovative solutions.

S.I.M. Socially Integrated Manufacturing focus group with Lama Development and Cooperation Agency Addis Ababa june 2010
S.I.M. (Socially Integrated Manufacturing)
From 2009 Braghetterosse designs and produces fashion accessories working with private companies and humanitarian associations together.

We ask private companies who produce our goods, to commission and purchase certain manual work - parts which have been purposefully conceived- to some of the many organized and govt. recognised associations present on the territory where production is made.

This creates healthy professional relationships among different kinds of local entities who find themselves involved on the same product, while both are aware of their mutal importance in defining its peculiar spirit.

The manual workmanship, even if small, represents the added value and is very carefully planned. Management of this process and price is defined by Braghetterosse and the association which is providing the work.

The resulting products are the sum of such wonderful ingredients as: work, communication among people, harmonious contact between situations that usually are kept far apart such as poverty and well-beeing. A slow but much needed proceding toward transformation of human values and aesthetic paradigm.