Zuhal Tataroglu e women of Mamak- Ankara
BRAGHETTEROSSE for Seed Foundation (Holland).

As integral part of an 8 yr project on social services implementation in favor of women who are victims of domestic violence in Turkey. Dove Project ( Domestic Violence Eradication) has planned creation of socio-economical promotion of women who are in shelters, also through vocational work

For this project by Seed Foundation with the women of mamak, Braghetterosse has designed a full-concept for brand identity and product collection with women’s and men’s products made up of: bow ties, t-shirts, handbags and jewelry, integrating the traditional, refined handwork tecniques and the precious local materials with contemporary concepts of collection building and merchandising.

"Everything we are good at" Mamak-Ankara

Wood-block-printing workshop with Ahmet- Tokat

"Happy with the results"

Zuhal Tataroglu,Giovanna Villani, Idil Soyseckin, Caterina Occhio- Mamak, Ankara